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Nº 14. Monday, October 25, 2010

Sudado - Peruvian Steamed Fish

Pescado sudado or sudado de pescado (literally, «sweated fish») is a traditional Peruvian dish prepared with fish, tomato, onion, lime juice, and salt, among other optional ingredients. The name of this dish stands for the fact that it does not require any liquid ingredient to be cooked (It is like the fish is cooked in its own ‘sweat’).

Traditionally, this healthy food is served as a whole eviscerated fish, swimming in its juices, and garnished with starchy foods such as white rice, sliced boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, or yuca (cassava), cancha (roasted corn), etc. Big fishes, however, can be served as fillets.

Sudado de pescado
Quantity Ingredient
6Big fish fillets.
2Medium onions.
5Small tomatoes.
2 unitsLime juice.
to tasteSalt.
as neededVegetable oil.

Directions. Cut the onions in long, one-centimeter-wide, ribbon-like pieces. The tomatoes, peeled and seeded, are also cut in long, wide pieces, as long as the onions.

In a large skillet, pour some vegetable oil and saute the onions. Reduce the heat, and add the tomatoes. Mix well.

Carefully arrange the fillets on the bed of onion and tomato, so that the fillets do not overlap. Pour in the lime juice and salt to taste. The lime juice can also be added at the end, when the fish is already done.

Put the lid on and let the fish ‘sweat’. The juices provided by the tomato will steam cook the fish in a few minutes. If less tomato is used, some additional liquid will be needed. In such a case, chicha de jora (Peruvian corn beer), beer, or white wine may be used.

This basic sudado recipe is great for gently-flavored fishes like tilapia; strong-flavored fishes might need additional seasoning with chili, garlic, pepper, cumin, etc.